Important Add-Ons for the Smartphone Creator

22 Sep 2021 / by akintundesmith in Blog

Filming with your smartphone comes with its own unique challenges. Your sensor is not that large and if you aren’t careful, you get shakiness or blown out images. This a definite no no. After learning the had way about the importance of these add-ons, we put together a list so you might not make the same mistakes we did.


ND Filters and Clips

Very Important. ND (Neuatral Density) Filters are like sunglasses for your camera. Due to the nature of the smartphone, especially when filming manually outdoors, you will need an ND filter to cut down the amount of light coming into your smartphone. You can mount it on to your external lens if you have one or mount it directly to your smartphone camera lens with a clip. They Range from ND4-ND1000. You will most likely want to have an ND filter for filming in the Nigerian Sun


External Lens

External Lenses gives your smartphone images a form that your smartphone might not be able to give you. i.e Superfish and Anamorphic frames. Also, some lenses give you a wider field of view (18mm) or a more focused telephoto (50-60mm), A lot of smartphone creators have found them invaluable on their creative journey. We use MoondogLabs anamorphic lenses and Moment Lenses for a lot of our work.



They protect your phone (Filming can be risky in certain situations) and as t they enable you mount external lenses securely on your phone


Rigs and Cages

They turn your phone into a professional camera set up with all accessories. Lens, Lights, Microphones, monitors etc.

Check out Beastgrip.



Manual Filming Software. We use filmic pro, but there are quite a few others


Smartphone Gimbal

A three-axis motorized gimbal can really help free up your creative spirit when filming with a smartphone. There are small ones that mount your phone and perhaps a clip solely. We prefer the ones designed for lightweight mirrorless cameras because they can carry the smartphone and any other add on that you may need when filming.


Cleaning Kits

Always keep a cleaning kit at hand when filing with your smartphone. You don’t want to review your footage and see smudges you didn’t notice when filming



You need a tripod for stable shots and photography, especially long exposure shots or interviews.


As you grow creatively, you might find you need more professional gear to step up your game. Ie External Monitors, Motorized Sliders, Pro Tripod

But till then, its ok to start with the basics.

Looking forward to your masterpiece.


All the Best

Akintunde Smith

Creative Director


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