Earning Income as a Smartphone Creator

22 Sep 2021 / by akintundesmith in Blog

So, you really want to start your smartphone creator journey, but questions keep ringing in your head. I can’t answer all your questions, but this article will try to answer a very vital one.

Will I earn money from being a smartphone creator?

Yes, its very possible. But like all things, it requires dedication, consistency, patience and most importantly a genuine creative spirit.

Here are some ways how you can earn money as a smartphone creator.


Selling Your Photos.

If you have an eye for a good photo, you can take pictures and sell your them online. You can upload your photos on online photo sites i.e smugmug, istockphoto fotolia, shutterstock, alamy, dreamstime etc. Each photo site has their submission requirements so do your research before deciding to go down this route. You can also sell your photos on instagram or your personal website.

The most important thing is to ensure your photos are high quality.  You can do this with your smartphone. Income is not humongous, but with consistency, you can find it to be a great passive income earner and a form of exposure that might get you larger commissions.


Everyone needs a picture at some point in their lives. Some of us need pictures all the time. A smartphone creator can earn an income as a photographer for birthdays, weddings, events, etc. Key to getting such commissions is the quality of your work and marketing. A social media page is vital for this. Some clients might be specific as to the device they want you to use, but most people are usually focused on the end results. If your work is good, it wont matter what device you shoot with. 




You can offer to cover events in your city or neighborhood for newssites and online magazines. Even if you aren’t commissioned, people have been known to sell smartphone images of extraordinary events at premium rates. Your smartphone is always with you. Knowing how to capture the event unfolding before you properly can make you a fortune from selling images and footage to online news sites and magazines.


Print and Frame

You can also print, frame, and put your photos on display at physical stores. People are always home decorating. This is a viable target market. Most of the physical stores won’t give you cash immediately for your frames, but a lot will let you display them instore. You get paid when the frames sells. You must check up on them occasionally to see how the sales are going. You can also drive traffic to the stores via your social media accounts or online ads.

If this is your thing, you should try and start building relationships with interior decorators and set designers.


Start a Youtube Channel

Lots of people think you can make a fortune on youtube. Its possible but not as easy as it sounds. It’s not by depending solely on ad revenue. You can have affiliate marketing links to the products you use and review for instance. But its also very important as a marketing tool for your craft.



Make films on your smartphone. You can submit your work to festivals. You can upload them to streaming sites that permit you i.e Amazon. Again this can be a surprising source of passive income.



Shooting Music Videos (Virals etc)

A lot of upcoming artists crave exposure, but don’t have the big budget for a music video. As a smartphone creator, you can be flexible with pricing. This target audience is a viable one. If you know what you are doing, you will earn quite a bit from shooting music videos for clients with your smartphone. Aside from upcoming artists, you can make virals for established artists as content for their social media pages.


Shooting Commercial Ads

You can shoot online adverts for S.M.E’s.  Since most of the views will be on a smartphone anyway, it just makes sense to shoot ads on a smartphone. Shooting adverts for S.M.E’s for online deployment can be a significant source of revenue for the smartphone creator.

Internationally big brands have also engaged smartphone creators to shoot adverts for them. This is a fast growing niche that you can tap into now.


Caveat: Flexible with pricing doesn’t mean cheap. Even though the smartphone set up is not as expensive as a normal camera set up. But you will need lights and crew. However, if the concept is adapted to suit the smartphone, you will most likely find yourself in a position to offer the potential client a very good deal. They might even put you on a retainer.


These are just a few ways you can earn income as a smartphone creator.

Know any more?

Please feel free to share.


All the best

Akintunde Smith

Creative Director GSRPro

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