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GSRPro is an award-winning creative firm founded in August 2018 by people with an intense desire to tell creative stories audio visually. At GSRPro we conceive, script, produce, direct, and edit audiovisual content (Short Films, Documentaries, Web Series, Music Videos, Adverts……) We are as comfortable shooting with smartphones as with digital cameras.


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What We Do

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We presently offer two training courses for aspiring creators. 1. Smartphone cinematography training. 2. Live in person Content Conception and Marketing Course These two courses are designed to help the aspiring filmmaker generate viable content ideas and give them the expertise required to actualize their vision with smartphones. Courses can be takes separately, but we advise taking the two to properly set you off on your smartphone filmmaking journey This course is good for marketers, filmmakers, journalists, documentary makers, music video directors etc. We will teach the key features of successful smartphone filmmaking and how to generate income from your creations.

Creative Writing

From original concept creation to the completed project, our talented team will see your vision through to the final product. We have a diverse group of creative individuals including: writers, musicians, directors and producers. We can create and develop an original concept from the inception to the completion of the project. Let our award-winning team tackle your next big idea. (Creative Brainstorming ,Project Conception,Treatment & Storyboards,Original Songs & Jingles.)

Copy Writing

Our content creators will turn your ideas into clear, concise messages to tell your story. Writing can be difficult. Our content consultants are trained in writing for your telecom applications, digital media projects, and corporate videos. They will utilize the information on your website or other company literature to a draft script that will ultimately represent your brand and deliver your message to the world.

Conception & Execution

GSRPro manages creative projects from conception to completion and ensure all work is produced at the highest standard, on time and on budget. We are creative concept specialist with a track record of successfully developed film story ideas, marketing campaigns and projects.

Marketing Videos

Well-crafted marketing videos are necessary to keep you brand top of mind in today’s world of the web. GSRPro will tell your story to the world in the way you envision it or we can create the story for you.


GSRPro is a story telling media production company that tells rich stories and explores the possibilities at the digital frontier. We offer a variety of media services whether it involves directing, editing, or producing video content. We shoot with Cinecams, DSLR and especially love creating content with Smartphones.

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