6 Smartphone Content Editing Apps

22 Sep 2021 / by akintundesmith in Blog

Editing footage can be a very painful process for the starter smartphone filmmaker. It doesn’t have to be that way. Before you could only edit footage on large computers that cost a fortune but now you can now edit anywhere on the Smartphone in your pocket and the average video editing app is either free or only a few dollars.  In recent years smartphone editing apps havey became much more sophisticated with many professional features. You can now edit on your Smartphone professionally at much cheaper costs

There are a lot of editing apps available for Smartphones. If you are a beginner, you should try a simpler editing app. As you grow you can then attempt to master the more advanced features in the editing app of your choice.

We put together a list of 6 editing apps for you to familiarize yourself with as you begin your smartphone filmmaking journey.



FilmoraGo is a powerful editing app for Android and iOS. You simply import photos and video clips from your Smartphone, and then add them to a pool of resources in the app. You then tap the next button to enter the edit screen where you will see previews of your video and images along the bottom. You can also add transitions, such as a wipe, zoom or dissolve.


iMovie is a video editing app from Apple and is like the Mac desktop version. If you have an iPhone then chances are you already have iMovie installed. If you want to try out Smartphone editing, then this is a great place start. It is a fully featured editing app and comes with many professional features. You can also add stills, music and other content to your project if needed.


Android users can often feel a little left out when it comes to video editing apps. Not to worry because PowerDirector is a great Android video editing app. With this video editor you can quickly arrange clips, trim them, and add them to the timeline. It has a fully featured effects suite so you can add transitions, slow motion, filters and titles to improve the look of your video.


If you are looking for a more advanced video editor than iMovie, for your iPhone, look no further than LumaFusion. This is a professional video editor which has many of the features you would find in a desktop video editing program. You can have up to three video tracks which you can add video, photos, and titles and three audio tracks for narration, sound effects and music. When editing in LumaFusion you can do insert and overwrite edits just like you would in a desktop video editor. You can also trim, split, delete, and copy clips. Once you have done your edit you can add dissolves, slides, flash, and blur transitions. It also has different layouts for media management, playback, and video editing.



Kinemaster is another great video editor of Android and iOS users. It has a great but simple to use layout so you can edit professional videos with no fuss. You can trim and edit video and audio with ease and with frame accuracy. It has instant preview of video so when you import and edit your clips you view them without waiting for them to render on the timeline. You can have up to two video layers in Kinemaster but it also supports unlimited text and image layers if you need to add them.



Splice is a simple but powerful video editor made by the good folks at GoPro. Although GoPro released this app to edit video shot with the GoPro camera it will also edit video shot on your iPhone. It is easy to create professional looking videos with Splice and it has great editing tools to help you cut your video. You just tap on clips to trim, crop or cut them to size. You can also add fully customisable transitions like dissolves and fades to improve the look of your edits.


Like I said earlier. These are just a few. Try and them out, see which one serves your purposes best at this time.

Looking forward to your masterpiece.


Akintunde Smith

Creative Director






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